Eye Exams

Eye Exams in Greenville, NC

Do you have trouble reading road signs while you drive? Are you having trouble making out the words on the guide channel on your TV? Maybe you have trouble reading a book in your hands? If you are experiencing difficulty reading, recognizing people from a short distance, or any other blurry vision issues, it’s time to get an eye exam. Dr. Elizabeth Mullett can provide you with eye exams to discover what is causing your vision problems and provide the solutions to them. Dr. Mullett can also provide you with glasses fitting and contact lenses to help you see better. Call to schedule your eye exam today!
Eye Exams Greenville, NC

Eye Doctor Greenville, NC

Our Eye Doctor Can Provide You With More Than Just Clear Vision

A lot of people assume that an eye exam is just about correcting your blurry vision. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Mullett can also diagnose a number of eye conditions, like astigmatism, cataracts, or more to help improve not only your eye health, but also your overall health. Don’t take your eye health for granted. Give our eye care specialist a call and schedule your eye exam today!

Please visit us in Greenville, NC for contact lenses and glasses.

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